My Story

After getting home from spending the day pursuing the perfect wave and watching the breathtaking sunset unique to California, I just didn't have the energy to find a spot in my garage for my board. You know, the non-existent safe spot in the room or garage where its out of the way so that no one or nothing may harm your pride and joy. And talking with my other surfer friends, they had similar situations and horror stories about the storage problems and accidental damage of their boards.
Well my friends and I got together to come up with a solution to proudly display and safely store our boards. The result - Mac Racks. After placing Mac Racks in our homes, many of our friends would ask where they could purchase a rack. I started to make them in my garage for gifts and to give to others. I made more and more. Soon, shops where asking for these racks. What turned out as a part-time hobby, turned into a full time endeavor.
Today, Mac Racks are sold worldwide. Our factory and design team are dedicated to putting out the finest surf racks in the world. (Don't worry, I still find time to surf). This is a wonderful product - designed by surfers for surfers. I think you will like it... Ryan Mac