Where do I purchase Mac Racks?
You may go to stores. We encourage you to support your local retailer. If they do not carry Mac Racks, please tell them to order from their distributor.
What tools are needed for the installation?
Common tools such as a screwdriver and tape measure/or equivalent. Other tools that are helpful - drill, stud finder, and level.
How come you do not have an order page/shopping cart?
We feel that Mac Rack customers should support and purchase from their local retailer.
What is your contact information?
Company: Kabor, 2621 Green River Rd. PMB #105-147, Corona, CA 92882
phone: (909)279-8259 fax: (909)279-0979
How do I get my store listed on your site?
You may email the webmaster prunesoftware@hotmail.com and provide the necessary information (name, address, phone, etc). Please include the distributor you purchase from.
Where can Mac Racks be installed?
Mac Racks are designed for indoor use (garage, home, store, etc.). Hardware included is for drywall or wood stud installation.
What is the measurement between the surfboard rack arms (applies to triple and double racks)?
Measurments between "arms" are 6 inches.